Río Azul

Judith presents:

Río Azul – seems an apt address, an obvious choice, given the bright blue color of the buoys. Our gardener and handyman, Francisco, who is Mayan from Guatemala, affirmed the appropriateness of our naming.

Río Azul, is an Early Classic (250-600 A.D.) archaeological zone, located in a remote corner of Guatemala near the borders of Belize and Mexico. It is set in a dense tropical rainforest within the Rio Azul National Park, a part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, 37 miles/60kms northeast of the major site of Tikal. There is a well-defined system of hydraulics, as the site was strategically located along a bend of the Rio Azul. Dams, channels, canals and other features have been identified. Wikipedia: Río Azul Mayan Ruins: Río Azul

In 1983, on a sojourn with Michael Luttrell, while touring the Yucatan Pennisula, I visited Tikal. On the day we were set to leave Guatemala City and make the ill-advised drive through the jungle, there was a coup. Everything shut down so that by the time we arrived in Tikal, there were no flights in or out, no bus-loads of tourists.

The report from the New York Times

Nobody was there. Empty, except for the haunting presence of the hundreds of souls that once inhabited this region. Nobody knows what happened, where they went.

Ironically, it is thought that drought might have contributed to the demise of this great rainforest metropolis. What remains are the grand plazas and towering monuments to human ingenuity and industry.

In this drought year, like the Mayans, our deers are always on the lookout for water. With hopes that the tumult of blue buoys in our dry creek bed will soon be afloat, we offer an invocation, a prayer for rain, for water.

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