We hope everyone who visits Art Mind Park, online or in real, will find in our gift shop a treasure to own; a keepsake to serve as a reminder of how and why the art mind works. Here are a few selected examples, with more to come:



Your friends at Dharma Tool & Die have been hard at work in R&D to come up with a 21st Century version of the Bodhidharma hood ornament. The original was a cast aluminum sculpture made in 1972 when Richard was an MFA sculpture candidate at the U of Wisconsin. He’d read about the first Zen Patriarch, Bodhidharma who achieved enlightenment by staring at a wall for nine years. Richard had figured a hood ornament for his ’63 Valiant Slant Six (a notoriously long-lived vehicle) facing the driver would advance the quest. 100,000 miles and you are “One with everything.” As we’ve searched, we’ve found the hood decoration is a thing of the past. (not even Mercedes has ’em anymore) So, Richard located the original photo and had it mounted into virgin plexiglass and fashioned into a wall-mounted (complete with mounting brackets) 1/2″ thick unit. A 1″ thick desk model is forthcoming.


Kukai Hand Saw:

A hand moves, and the fire’s whirling takes different shapes. All things change when we do. The first word, “Ah,” blossoms into all others. Each of them is true.

That’s the famous poem of Kukai. Obvious, you say? We say, so what? The point is there once was a guy named Kukai 774- 835 CE who brought writing to Japan as well as Buddhism.