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Richard writes:

Metabolism was the first move Nature made when the living systems of the biosphere were invented. Series after series of intertwined reactions wind up to keeping us doing our lives. Learning this chart of intermediary metabolism was a make or break deal for me as a pre-med student. I sniffed the edges of this chart, enough to know, developing an understanding of this even at the most most basic level says the human race would be better off if they knew what’s going on here. Obviously, not the details, but that something like movement of chemicals through this chart. This chart pointing toward a systematic understanding. Hey! This just in! We already do know. We all know a slice of bread, a bowl of rice, a chapati, a yam will power us up to do what needs to be done.

This is how we make useful the flow of energy as food, as food comes into our bodies. But here at AMP our main concern is that you know this is a real thing going on in every trillions of cells in your body. This is the simplest bit of information—food is energy. Without going into the specifics, you need to know this. Why? At this critical fulcrum point we face a tough future. Decisions we make depend on it.

Look, it is important to know that we eat and live and love. The Shrine of Amaterasu here at AMP is a reminder that it all comes from the sun. Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun. This takes the information from a fairy-tale phantasm to the hard facts of how we are alive. The why question still remains in the realm of fairy-tales.

This chart tells you about the complexity that is happening in every cell of your body, to transform food into the fuel to power every breath, every blink of your eye, every beat of your heart. It is comically absurd to think that every person should understand this, but what is crucial, is to understand that this information has been brought to our understanding in just the last century or so, and by knowing this we can propitiate the energies we used to call the dieties. The gods we wish to propitiate are very much alive in us in each cell. So what? Does knowing any of this bring you closer to the love you feel for this world? Let’s say you just want to touch something delicious like the shoulder of the one you feel your spirit has locked arms with, soft flesh skin under a thin cashmere sweater, this will open something through touch…you might want to feel the other’s chest against your chest. And you want to be next to this other’s body, breathing each other’s breath. Why do we like this? “Birds do it, bees do it, even little Pekinese do it…” Falling in love, they say, is wonderful. Do you think so? Can you place that experience on this chart? And, can you place the betrayal by a trusted business partner somewhere on those lines? I think you can, maybe that is what AMP is all about. So the Shrine at Ise in Japan stands as a monument, as a point of focus to re-mind us the flow of energy, in one sense, is a most important bit of knowledge to carry with us. And flows to us, directly from the Sun, and in Shinto, through the sun goddess Amaterasu.

If there is life on some distant planet, it is metabolizing and rest assured, there’ll be some kind of Amaterasu. Thus we know, the Gods are alive in our chemestry.