Richard writes:

Your own mind:

Feeling the thrill of witnessing your own mind thinking, then feeling your mind through pictures or sculptures, is a thrill, but something else comes over you when you’ve been meditating for a while, or steeped in your art practice; the desire to be useful. To pass the pictures or information on to others. It feels like an embarrassment of riches to be in receipt of such riches. The idea of the Boddhisatva comes to mind; the one who receives wisdom through the ardurous rigors of long practice and forgoes entry into the smoke of the enlightened mind; chooses to return to the world, to bring these gifts to the world of living people. It’s our belief that a basic tenant of the Art Mind is to share what you’ve found out. Artists of every stripe live this way we feel. At least the artistts we love and respect do.

For me, I turned to facilitating a business shaped to help artists make their work, and then, to get that work to the marketplace. To pass on any riches they (I) have received; this becomes the life of an awake person. It’s not always easy to do this.

The life of the mind when activated can be very vulnerable to distractions. VERY. When the world becomes alive, through meditation (and I mean making art works as well) everything is beautiful. Where to begin. Begin by helping, being of service. That’s what my (our) business life felt like. Being of service.

At AMP, the exhibits serve in a similar way. The exhibits are guiding you to yourself. The riches of knowing your own mind are revealed by art. Seeing art, see art is what the conceptualists were all about. Think of a painting looking at itself in a mirror. The sculpture (or whatever) gets to know itself by being in the world.

Be patient. To find out anything from art, there is a slow process going on at the most mysterious corners of the mind. The picture mind. I would like it if people would take advantage of this real source for acquainting your self with yourself. This is called self-realization here at AMP.

Religion, which often gets hitched to art and meditation scares me, makes something shrivel up inside me, but on the other hand, consciousness is of great interest.

Letting it through:

That’s the point, letting some idea, vision, a picture, a sentence even, letting it through. Allowing what is already there to come into existence. Who guards the gates? What bribe is required? Three pieces of meat to stave off the three-headed dog of the underworld? Good ole’ Cerberus, sometimes called the hellhound with the three heads making sure that what goes into and out of the imagination is worthy of even being in the world at all. How can you trust such a cur? That he even can slow you down to make sure you are on the right path. The point being, the path is ready where you are.

How do you know? To know when the next step is ready.

Back in the guru-ived 70’s-early 80’s, when the spirit was with us and we thought we were in need of the Eastern flavored wisdom, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa came through to offer the Black Crown Ceremony. Attendance at the ceremony gave you the E-ticket to nirvana, we were told. And, even more special than that, a dozen of us were invited to a special audience with the Man himself. There he was, seated on a pile of his golden pillows, dressed for success in the Western Paradise, be-robed and enthroned. It was impressive. Q&A time with the guru and the first question came, “How do you know when its time to get on the spiritual path?” The Karmapa, seated on his carved and gilded throne, throws his voluminous robes aside and rolls up his sleeve to reveal a chunky gold electronic watch–the early version of a digital watch, the kind where you had to push a button to light up the digits which showed up as red boxy numerals on a black field. Sleeve back, the guru pushed the button and the hour and minute flashed. When is the right time? Forever always.

So once you begin to let it through, stand back cause it will start to flow and the more it flows, the more it will flow. The key now, is to encourage the flow by following the “instruction.” The instruction of NOW. And once that happens you are on your way.